Silverdale Baptist Church

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International Missions

Our International Missions outreach has taken Silverdale Baptist Church to almost every continent on the face of the earth. We have had short-term teams in India, Russia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Australia, and Africa (Zimbabwe, Zambia, and South Africa).

Silverdale Baptist Church is blessed to be a Global Priority Church with the International Mission Board. We have strategic mission partnerships in South Asia, Southern Africa, East Asia, South East Asia, and Eastern Africa.

We are also part of a Great Commission Network of churches acting as stateside advocates for the entire Southern Africa region. Southern Africa is made up of 18 different countries, many of which are seeing a harvest of souls coming into the Kingdom of God. Silverdale Baptist Church is the key stateside church representing International Mission Board missionaries ministering in the Angola cluster and the South East cluster (covering over 471,000 square miles, reaching 44.6 million people and well over 30 different people groups).

The challenge that our Father has laid before us is great. It truly is Kingdom work. We at Silverdale Baptist Church are so blessed to be "joining God where He is at work" all around our world. Come and join us as we take the Good News of the Gospel to our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth.