Silverdale Baptist Church

Small Groups

In order to grow and thrive in a church like Silverdale, you need be involved in a group. A group is a collection of people that meet together regularly for Bible study, connection, community, accountability and prayer.  There are groups that meet most any day of the week for all ages and stages of life.

Here at Silverdale we categorize our groups in four different ways:

Small Groups are a limited group of people that 'do life' together. You can register here and our team will help you get connected to a small group or contact Rhonda Hood for more information.

Bible Studies are short-term classes (usually 6-8 weeks) that focus on a particular topic or study.  

Specialty Groups are from our  Care Ministry are specialty groups meet for a period of time to work a particular study, struggle or stage of life. For more information contact Taniia Hymer.

SBI are classes from the Silverdale Bible Institute that provide you with a deeper study and a greater understanding of God's word. For more information email them or call 423.892.2173.

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