Silverdale Baptist Church

Maintenence Staff at SBC taking the prayer rocks to the foundation site of the new education building Walking the rocks to the nursery rooms and the new 1st floor rooms Planting the rocks in the nursery room foundations Jack throwing out some rocks to be put in the nursery foundation Planting rocks in the foundations of the new 1st floor classrooms Seeking You       rock in foundation Student sings in Exit 7 worship Many to be saved          rock in foundation Doug, our church administrator, reading some of the rocks before they are added to foundation Doug tossing out the last rock to the foundations of the new atrium addition. Playing some basketball before Wednesday night Exit 7 Student studies in the Student Ministry Building lounge Students hanging out playing video games and talking before Exit 7 starts on Wednesday night Students enjoying some competition on the foosball table More students playing on the air hockey table before Exit 7 Students gather in the lounge of the Student Ministry Building to talk and hangout on Wednesday night Exit 7  worship time in the main room Randy speaks to students and presents challenges Boys  D-Group Girls  D-Group more girls D-Groups more boys D-Groups Student Ministry Building main entrance