Silverdale Baptist Church

Grow Through Prayer

One form of prayer is intercession, which is seeking God on behalf of someone else. Here at Silverdale, we have several opportunities to intercede for others:

  • Our Online Prayer Wall is our 24-hour prayer ministry. Individuals can submit and/or pray for requests for members, visitors, friends, family and co-workers anytime and from any location. Prayer requests can be submitted online or by calling the church office (423-892-2173).
  • Our Prayer for Missions Email List allows you to be notified of up-to-date prayer requests related to both local and international missions.  If you would like to be added to this email list, please send your contact information Missions.

Pray for or submit a request online.

    *Please note: all submissions must have a valid name and email address to be considered for publishing.  
    All others will be deleted.  Please limit requests to 12 lines.  Any requests longer than 12 lines will be